„ Tropfteige meet garden, forest and meadow „ 7. - 28. May 2022
Look - Smell - Taste and Enjoy As a trained and certified TEH practitioner (Traditional European Herbal Medicine) I pass on ancient knowledge and the love and mindfulness of nature.
from 28 August to 4 September 2022
It is no longer a given that you can get natural products today. But from the grain to the finished loaf, our bread is honest. Organic flour, our healthy and pure mountain water - spices and herbs from the garden, and sourdough. formed with love into a loaf - our "Lesachtaler Brot". Enjoy our dishes with home-baked Lesachtal home-made bread, pumpkin seed and wholemeal spelled bread, special bread - spruce brioche, butter plait, vitality bread, and much more.
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